Training & Competence Assessment

We provide fully qualified training and competent assessments.
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Practical Waste Solutions - Training Courses

We offer the design and presentation of bespoke training courses to meet our client’s needs to ensure they meet their responsibility under Health & Safety Legislation. Additionally, our training can help in developing new and existing staff and potentially address any shortfalls in operational practices that could be enhanced by specific job/process/procedural training.

Work specific training courses can be designed in consultation with the client ensuring our training is fit for purpose and communicated to staff in a manner convenient to our client.

Wamitab - Training Courses

Level 2 Award – Waste Management Operations and Sustainable Recycling Operations

Aimed at waste management operational staff, the training and assessment are based on a number of Units (safety management, waste control, etc). The course includes training staff in waste management techniques and assessment of their work based on evidence and observation by the assessor.

Level 3 Award – Waste Management Supervision (Various Facility Types)

Aimed at waste management supervisory staff, the training and assessment is based on operational units that include legislative compliance and control- ling staff. The assessment includes the production of a portfolio covering all the aspects of the award and documentary evidence, photographs and assessment records.

Level 4 award – ‘Operator Competence Certificate’ (OCC)

Compliant with the waste licensing requirements across the UK demonstrating ‘fit and proper person’ status. It is aimed at Waste Managers controlling waste facilities and includes assessment in a variety of aspects of the site where the assessment is based.
The OCC award is made up of a number of units. The units to be covered in each award depends on the environmental risk posed by the site which will impact the level of knowledge and understanding required by the manager.

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