10 Risks of Not Dealing with Invasive Plant Species

Invasive plant species are a growing problem in the UK and Ireland, and they can cause serious harm to the environment, local wildlife, and human populations if they are not properly controlled. Here are ten dangers of not dealing with an invasive plant species: Ecological damage: Invasive plant species can quickly take over and displace… Continue reading 10 Risks of Not Dealing with Invasive Plant Species

Understanding WAMITAB and Why it is Important

Understanding WAMITAB and Why it is Important   WAMITAB is a leading awarding body for the waste management and recycling sector in the UK and Ireland. WAMITAB assessments are an important tool for those working in the waste management industry, as they provide evidence of their competence and knowledge in a specific area of the… Continue reading Understanding WAMITAB and Why it is Important

Danger of Japanese Knotweed

Japanese knotweed is a highly invasive and persistent plant species that is rapidly spreading in many parts of the world, including the UK and Ireland. The plant, which is native to Japan, has become a major problem for businesses and councils due to the significant damage it can cause to buildings and infrastructure. In this… Continue reading Danger of Japanese Knotweed

Belfast City Council – Training and Assessment

Belfast City Council serves an overall population of approximately 330,000 people providing a wide range of services including leisure, parks, waste management, tourism, commercial permitting, street cleansing, planning and building control, recycling, etc.

Belfast Harbour Commissioners – Waste Management Audit

Established in 1847, Belfast Harbour Commissioners manage some 2,000 acres of docks, harbour and real estate encompassing Northern Ireland’s main logistics and distribution hub. It’s also home to major businesses including Microsoft, Harland & Wolff, Bombardier, Capita and CitiGroup.

Belfast Health & Social Care Trust – Waste Management Audit

The Belfast Health and Social Care Trust came into existence on 1st April 2007 and is one of five in place throughout Northern Ireland. It manages the health care of approximately 340,000 people living in the city of Belfast and part of the borough of Castlereagh.

MSC Napoli

On 18 January 2007, severe gale force winds and huge waves caused serious damage to the ship Napoli’s hull, including a crack in one side and a flooded engine room. The ship was then 50 miles (80 km) off the coast of Cornwall in the English Channel with approximately 41,700 tonnes of cargo on board.


Consultancy At Practical Waste Solutions Ltd we strive to provide our clients with effective and cost efficient services to assist in a wide range of disciplines within the industry. Our consultancy services are supported by a team comprising operationally minded and innovative individuals offering a ‘practical’ approach. Although not exhaustive, the topics below demonstrate our… Continue reading Consultancy


WAMITAB TRAINING & ASSESSMENT As one of the only locally approved WAMITAB Centres in Northern Ireland, we provide fully qualified training and competent assessments. WAMITAB TRAINING AND ASSESSMENT We provide fully qualified training and competent assessments. Select a course to read more or take a look at our affiliation courses. Wamitab – Training Course Practical… Continue reading WAMITAB TRAINING AND ASSESSMENT


Contaminated Land Services Practical Waste Solutions Ltd provide services for the identification, assessment and remediation of contaminated land. As a company we offer our clients an integrated service including liaising with relevant regulatory bodies, as required, to ensure a thorough compliant and risk managed system of works. Contaminated Land Services Practical Waste Solutions Ltd provide… Continue reading CONTAMINATED LAND