At Practical Waste Solutions Ltd we strive to provide our clients with effective and cost efficient services to assist in a wide range of disciplines within the industry. Our consultancy services are supported by a team comprising operationally minded and innovative individuals offering a ‘practical’ approach. Although not exhaustive, the topics below demonstrate our wide knowledge base and know-how available to our clients.

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We provide assistance in

Planning Permission and lawful development applications and support

Waste Management licensing and permitting applications including technical support

Waste Management licensing exemptions and support

Phase I, II and III Contaminated Land investigation, assessment and remediation development and implementation

Property/real estate environmental impact studies

Advice and assistance on renewable energy projects

Advice on waste management operational techniques and legislative compliance

Waste brokerage and management services to include inert, non-hazardous, difficult and hazardous waste streams

Registered for Trans-frontier shipments in Ireland assisting waste exporters and importers

Soil sampling and analysis including waste classification interpretation

Waste material and management auditors measuring continuing compliance and identify potential cost savings

CEEQUAL (Civil Engineering Environmental Quality Assessment & Award Scheme) Assessment

Landfill gas management optimisation, monitoring and statutory reporting

Water quality monitoring and analysis including interpretation and statutory reporting

Design of mitigation measures for environmental nuisance

Ecological and biodiversity surveying and auditing

Design of construction ‘Site Specific Waste Management Plans

Project management of construction site waste arisings

Construction Environmental Management Planning’ and auditing

Design, development and implementation of user friendly ISO 9001, ISO14001 & OHSAS18001 management systems

Waste expert/Expert Witness/arbitration services

Assessing Fire Risks and developing Fire Management Plans

Safety management auditing

Environmental management auditing