Hazardous Waste

The management of hazardous waste is complex and requires full compliance with all applicable legislation ranging from waste packaging methods, carriage of dangerous goods and demonstrating the duty of care of all involved in the process. As a company we ensure full compliance with all applicable legislation. Practical Waste Solutions Ltd is a fully registered waste broker in Northern Ireland, United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland where trans-frontier shipment regulations apply.

Planning & Waste Management permitting applications

Giving clients practical advice and assistance in meeting their statutory responsibilities whilst maintaining fully compliant and cost effective permitting conditions.

Advice on waste management operational techniques and legislative compliance. Our aim is to provide our clients with robust, compliant systems using the best available technologies without exceeding excessive costs

Waste brokerage and management services to include inert, non hazardous, difficult and hazardous waste streams. We can manage all aspects of our brokering service including documentation, transport and cost effective management solutions.

Contaminated Land Assessment and Mitigation services offering clients REAL cost savings and management of projects…large or small!

Waste analysis and classification……including economical management techniques

Waste Auditing to ensure continuing compliance and identify potential cost savings

Landfill gas management technologies, behaviour analysis, monitoring and compliance assistance

Waste expert/arbitration services

Design of construction site specific waste management plans and project management of site waste arisings