Contaminated Land Services

Practical Waste Solutions Ltd provide services for the identification, assessment and remediation of contaminated land. As a company we offer our clients an integrated service including liaising with relevant regulatory bodies, as required, to ensure a thorough compliant and risk managed system of works.

What is Contaminated Land?

Contaminated land is defined legally as land where substances could cause:

Significant harm to people or protected species
Significant pollution of surface waters or groundwater

The phrase ‘Contaminated land’ is used in general terms to describe land polluted by substances such as heavy metals (such as arsenic, cadmium and lead), oils and tars, chemicals (such as solvents), asbestos, etc. Contamination of land can result acutely from incidents such as spillages or be borne from historic activities such as demolition in the past or an historic use of the site such as former factories, steelworks, refineries, landfills, printing works, photographic industry, chemical processing and storage, fuels, animal by-products, sewage works, tanneries, timber treatment. The list is endless!

How PWS can help?

We offer clients an integrated approach to contaminated land management providing site investigation expertise together with the design and development of cost effective, fit for purpose, remediation strategies. Our site investigation services incorporate a phased approach to our techniques giving a flexible cost management process